Privacy policy

This legal document represents the Private policy, which regulates the relations between attorney at law Nikolai Nachev and the person with regard to processing of Personal data shared by the contact form in the website This private policy is prepared in accordance with General Data Protection Regulations of the European Parliament and Bulgarian law for data protection.

Scope of collected and stored Personal data:

Only the Personal data collected by the website contact form or sent via email address will be processed. Using website contact form requires personal data as name, phone number and email address. The contact form also has an option for uploading scanned or text files. In cases, where the uploaded files contains third parties’ Information - the user has to have an agreement for duly exercising of the right for transfer of Personal data with the third parties for using their Personal Information before he/she fill the website form or send files to

NB! Please, in your comment section or email, do not insert personal data regarding races, ethnicity, political views, religious or philosophical beliefs, memberships in professional organizations, or health conditions, except if they are in a connection with the character and specifics of the relevant legal issue.

Purposes of data processing:

  • To be able to communicate and stay in touch with the persons which completed the website contact form;

    • When law, act or regulation requires that kind of obligation;

Out of the hypothesis above, data subject’s permission is always required in reference to Personal data processing. The data subject receives information about the purpose of data collecting, the period of time of its storing, the possibility of disclosure of the Information about the data subject’s rights or data about third parties, all before the data subject gives his/her permission.

Legal grounds for Personal data processing:

  • Data subject’s explicit permission

At the end of the website contact form there is a place for checking ‘By sending this website contact form I am agreed my personal data to be processed and stored by attorney at law Nikolai Nachev and his team’. Once the users tick the box means that they are familiar with personal data policy and they are agree with it.

This consent can be withdrawn anytime by written request on paper, email or via website contact form in The request has to be send to attorney at law Nikolai Nachev. Personal data processing is legal until the date of withdrawn request receiving.

Data subject is responsible for completeness, correctness and keeping provided personal data updated.

In a case of mismatch between the provided personal data and the current one, the data subject has the right and obligation to correct the mismatch or to ask attorney at law Nikolai Nachev to do it (correction right).

Periods for personal data processing and erasing:

Provided Personal data will be used only during the legal commitment and only for the purposes of which the data was collected.

Six months, after the legal commitment closing is the period in which the Personal data has to be erased by the attorney at law. If the data subject wants, the data can be erased in a different period.

Data subject can ask for restrictions on the Personal data or it’s erasing each time during the legal commitment, taking into consideration the reflection of this into the implementation of the purposes for which they were provided for.

Personal data disclosure

Personal data disclosure is possible when:

  • Data subject submits paper request for Personal data transfer;

    • Legal requirement or secular Power asks for it;

    • In an emergency case, personal data disclosure is possible and in order to secure vital interest of the data subject or third party.

Data subject’s rights:

  • Right to rectification - data subject has the right to ask attorney at law Nikolai Nachev to correct the inaccurate data or to complete the uncompleted personal data.

    • Right to erasure (‘right to be forgotten’) - data subject has the right to ask attorney at law Nikolai Nachev to erase his/her personal data.

    • Right to restriction of processing - data subject has the right to restrict personal data processing.

    • Right to data portability - data subject has the right to ask and receive his/her personal data, provided and used by attorney at law Nikolai Nachev, in a structured, widely used and all computer operation systems friendly format. Also, the data subject can transfer this data to other administrator.

    • Right of objection - Anytime and because of any reasons, regarding their current situation, the data subjects have the right of objection against their Personal Data processing, including profiling. Attorney at law Nikolai Nachev terminates the data subject’s Personal Information processing, except the situation where some persuasive legal reasons for Personal data processing are proved. These reasons have to have priority over the data subject’s interests, rights, and liberty or to settle, exercise or protect legal claims.

The way of rights exercising is only via email or website contact form. The user has to send written request to attorney at law Nikolai Nachev on or via the contact form in the website. The request is considered as received when the device from which the request is sent shows off a confirmation message. The confirmation message has to be electronic format and easily represented on paper. In a case, when the request has been received in a non-working Day, holiday or after 5 pm - the Day of receiving is the next working Day.

Personal data safety:

When you send a request via the website form, your Personal data and request will be send and collect as an email on the inbox mail box of This email address is property of the attorney at law Nikolai Nachev and it is used only for his attorney at law activity.

If you refuse to fill in your name, email address or phone number via the website form, the request will not be send and we will not receive your email.

This Web Page corresponds to all technical and organizational requirements needed to keep users’ and visitors’ Personal data protected. These requirements are necessary in order to prevent or to overcome a risk of unlawful actions, except irresistible and random event.

When, apart from the taken actions by attorney at law Nikolai Nachev, some violation of the personal data is found, within 72 hours after the violation establishing the superior body has to be informed.

Forwards, this policy can be changed anytime. In a case of change occurs, the changed policy will be post on this Web Page with a New number and date and will be applied starting from the publishing date.